RELiZORB Set-Up and Use

Setting up and using RELiZORB is easy. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Set up the pump and feed set per the pump manufacturer’s instructions. Prime the feed set per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Remove the RELiZORB from its pouch. Examine the RELiZORB. Do not use the RELiZORB if:
    • Pouch seal is broken
    • RELiZORB is damaged
    • RELiZORB has been previously used
  3. Secure the RELiZORB to the end of the feed set tubing by inserting the outlet fitting from the pump tubing into the inlet of the RELiZORB with a twisting  motion until secure.

FIGURE 1: Securing RELiZORB inlet to outlet fitting from pump tubing.

  1. Follow the pump manufacturer’s instructions to prime the feeding formula through to the outlet of the RELiZORB.
  2. Connect the RELiZORB outlet fitting to the inlet fitting of the pump extension set that connects to the patient.

FIGURE 2: Connecting RELiZORB outlet to inlet fitting of tube that connects to patient.

  1. Follow the pump manufacturer’s instructions to prime the feeding formula to the end of the pump extension set.
  2. Set the pump to the prescribed flow rate between 24 and 120 mL/hr and proceed with feeding.

WARNING: If medications, saline flushes or other non-enteral formula materials are to be added, they must be introduced AFTER RELiZORB (i.e. between RELiZORB and the patient). They may be added to the side-port of a Y-connector extension set located between RELiZORB and the patient as shown below.

FIGURE 3: Medications may be added between RELiZORB and patient.

NOTE: If medications or flush solutions are added BEFORE the RELiZORB cartridge, then RELiZORB, all tubing and formula must be discarded. You may re-start feeding using a new RELiZORB and feeding set. Please follow Steps 1-7 above to re-start the process.

NOTE: If a second RELiZORB is required to be installed to replace an existing RELiZORB, use the following steps:

  • Pause the pump following the pump manufacturer’s instructions
  • Disconnect the current RELiZORB from the pump extension set
  • Remove the current RELiZORB from the pump feed set
  • Connect the new RELiZORB to the pump feed set following Step 3 above
  • Prime the enteral formula through to the end of the RELiZORB following Step 4 above
  • Connect the new RELiZORB to the pump extension set following Step 5 above
  • Follow Step 7 above to re-start enteral formula delivery

"How-To" Video

Final Sequance (vimeo 720p)

View a patient-friendly video to understand how to connect and use RELiZORB.