RELiZORB Support Services

RELiZORB Support Services is here for you and your patients to assist with a number of services to help with starting and maintaining RELiZORB use.

Getting your patient started with RELiZORB is easy.
Go to the Getting Started page for information and downloadable forms.

Plus, click the tabs below for information on how RELiZORB Support Services can help.

How RELiZORB Support Services Helps Your Patients

Your patient will be assigned a dedicated RELiZORB Program Coordinator who is available by phone or email to help with:

  • Understanding how to use RELiZORB
  • Delivery and shipments of RELiZORB
  • Insurance assistance
  • Out-of-Pocket Assistance Program enrollment*

*eligible patients in the US only

How RELiZORB Support Services Helps Your Practice

A RELiZORB Program Coordinator will be your personal representative, available by phone or email to help with:

  • Insurance verification
  • Claims management and appeals assistance
  • Prior authorization assistance
  • Reimbursement and financial assistance
  • Eligibility of your patient for financial assistance 

We’re just a phone call away at 1-844-RELiZORB (1-844-735-4967).

RELiZORB Support Services is Here to Help

With one call, you and your patients have access to a range of helpful support services. 

1-844-RELiZORB (1-844-735-4967)