RELiZORB in Action

RELiZORB contains a digestive enzyme called lipase that breaks down available fats that are in enteral tube feeding formulas into an absorbable form your body can use.

Here’s how it works.

How RELiZORB Works to Break Down Fats in Enteral Tube Feeding Formula

  1. Inside the RELiZORB cartridge is a digestive enzyme called lipase, which is attached to the small white beads that you can see through the clear cartridge.
  2. As the enteral tube feeding formula passes through RELiZORB, it makes contact with the lipase-enzyme bead combination (called iLipaseTM), and the fat in the formula is broken down to its absorbable form (called fatty acids and monoglycerides).
  3. The fats that are now broken down to their absorbable form leave the cartridge and enter your body, while the iLipase remains in the cartridge.

This illustration provides tips on connecting and using RELiZORB with an enteral tube feeding pump.

Learn more about digestive enzymes such as lipase on the About Digestive Enzymes page.