Your doctor may prescribe RELiZORB for you if your body needs help breaking down fats from your enteral tube feeding formula.

When fats are not broken down, this can result in getting fewer calories or not enough calories, not being able to gain or maintain weight, losing weight, having lower levels of some vitamins, and not getting enough of certain kinds of fats (such as omega-3 fats, which are important for normal growth and development).

In preclinical studies:

  • RELiZORB has been shown to break down fats in enteral tube feeding formulas -- including omega-3 fats*
  • Higher levels of Vitamins D and E were observed with the use of RELiZORB*

*The clinical significance of these observations have not been determined.

Learn how RELiZORB works to break down fats by clicking here.

Relizorb Support Services

RELiZORB Support Services

With one call, people using RELiZORB have access to a range of helpful support services, including help with insurance and financial assistance.