Is RELiZORB Right For You?

If you need enteral formula through a feeding tube to get extra calories and you have trouble breaking down (digesting) fats, then your doctor may think RELiZORB is right for you.

RELiZORB is used in pediatric patients (5 years and older) and adults to break down (digest) fats in enteral tube feeding formula.

People who may benefit from RELiZORB cannot properly make digestive enzymes, which are responsible for breaking down fats.

  • If fats are not broken down, you can have stomach pain, gas, oily or foul smelling stools, an unusually full feeling in your stomach, or feel like you may throw up
  • Fats that are not broken down could result in getting fewer calories, not being able to gain weight, weight loss, shortage of key fats (omega-3 fats), and lower levels of some vitamins

RELiZORB is only available with a prescription from your healthcare provider, who will determine if RELiZORB is right for you.