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Questions About Connecting RELiZORB

How does RELiZORB connect? Is it easy?
RELiZORB is easy to use. It quickly connects in-line to the enteral tube feeding system after the tube feeding pump connector and before connection to the patient. Learn more about how to use RELiZORB here.

How do I know if I have connected RELiZORB properly?
If you are not experiencing any leakage from the connection, then the connection is tight and you have connected RELiZORB properly.

Learn more in the RELiZORB Patient Guide.

Questions About Using RELiZORB

What is RELiZORB?
RELiZORB is a digestive enzyme cartridge that quickly and easily connects to your enteral tube feeding system, and is designed to break down fats that are in enteral formula (tube feeding formula) and give your body more absorbable calories.

What does RELiZORB do?
Properly breaking down (digesting) and absorbing fats is important for normal growth and development. RELiZORB contains a digestive enzyme called lipase that breaks down fats in enteral tube feeding formula into an absorbable form. It does this before the formula even reaches your body.

How will RELiZORB help with my enteral tube feedings?
You may need enteral tube feeding to gain or maintain weight because you have trouble breaking down (digesting) and absorbing the fats you need. During preclinical testing, RELiZORB has been shown to break down fats in enteral tube feeding formulas. RELiZORB may help to break down fats in your enteral tube feeding before it goes into your body, so the fats are absorbable. RELiZORB has not been tested in human clinical trials.

Why doesn’t my formula contain absorbable fats?
Fats that are broken down into their absorbable form are not stable and spoil quickly. Therefore, enteral tube feeding formulas contain fat in triglyceride form, which does not spoil as quickly. However, some triglycerides are not able to be absorbed by the body. RELiZORB breaks down the fats into absorbable forms (called fatty acids and monoglycerides) during enteral tube feeding.

What pumps can be used with RELiZORB?
Use RELiZORB only with a pump that has a low flow or no flow alarm. RELiZORB has not been tested for use with gravity feeding systems (systems that have no pumps). If you use a pump system without a low flow/no flow alarm, you may not notice if the flow of the feeding slows down or stops. A detailed listing of pumps, feeding sets and pump extension sets compatible with RELiZORB can be found here.

What formulas may be used with RELiZORB?
RELiZORB has been tested for use with many commercially available enteral tube feeding formulas, and additional formulas are being tested regularly. Do not use enteral tube feeding formulas containing insoluble fiber because insoluble fiber may block the cartridge. Check the label of your feeding formula for something called insoluble fiber. A detailed listing of formulas tested with RELiZORB can be found here.

How much formula can each RELiZORB be used for?
Each RELiZORB may be used for up to 500 mL of enteral tube feeding formula. Do not use one RELiZORB for more than 500 mL in a feeding, as it may not work as well to break down all the fat. If you use less than 500 mL of formula in a feeding, you must throw away the RELiZORB after use.

Can I add medicines to my feeding when I’m using RELiZORB?
If you need to add medications to the tube feeding line, they must be added to the line AFTER RELiZORB. Medicines or saline flushes may be added to the side port of a Y-connector extension set located between RELiZORB and the patient.

DO NOT place medicines in the enteral tube feeding bag or anywhere else before the RELiZORB cartridge. Passing medicines through RELiZORB may change how the medicine works or how RELiZORB breaks down fats. If you accidently add medicines or flush solutions before RELiZORB, then the RELiZORB and all tubing and formula must be thrown away. You may re-start feeding using a new RELiZORB and feeding set.

Can RELiZORB be used more than once?
No. Do not re-use RELiZORB. Each RELiZORB should only be used once. At the end of the feeding, throw away the RELiZORB. RELiZORB may not break down fats properly if it is re-used.

How many RELiZORBs can I use in a day?
Do not use more than two (2) RELiZORBs in a day (24-hour period). You can use two RELiZORBs, one right after the other, or space out the timing of their use.

Learn more in the RELiZORB Patient Guide.

Questions About Support for RELiZORB

Is RELiZORB covered by my health insurance?
Your RELiZORB Support Services program coordinator can help see whether RELiZORB is covered by your health insurance.

How will I get RELiZORB?
Once your doctor prescribes RELiZORB, and you complete the Patient Enrollment Form, you will be contacted by RELiZORB Support Services to get all the information necessary to get you started on RELiZORB and to make sure you receive shipments as expected. If you have any questions, call RELiZORB Support Services at 1-844-632-9271.

What if I can’t afford the co-pay for RELiZORB?
For eligible patients with commercial health insurance, the RELiZORB Out-of-Pocket Assistance Program assists with out-of-pocket expenses, which can include co-pays, co-insurance or deductibles.

Enrollment in the program is subject to confirmation of eligibility. RELiZORB Support Services will review your commercial health insurance benefits and if you are eligible, you will be enrolled in the program.

A Patient Assistance Program is also available to help patients with limited options.

How do I reach my RELiZORB program coordinator?
Just call RELiZORB Support Services at 1-844-632-9271.

How will I get my RELiZORB if I’m going away for an extended time?
RELiZORB Support Services will work with you to have RELiZORB shipped to the location you need. Just call 1-844-632-9271.

What if I have questions about RELiZORB?
RELiZORB Support Services can help with information and resources that can help address questions you may have. Just call 1-844-632-9271.

Learn more on the RELiZORB Support Services page.