RELiZORB Quick Tips

Setting up RELiZORB is quick and easy. Here are a few helpful tips.

Tips on Connecting & Using RELiZORB With Your Enteral Tube Feeding Pump

  • Always take a good look at the RELiZORB pouch before you open it and begin connecting – don’t use it if the pouch seal is broken
  • After you open the pouch, don’t use it if RELiZORB looks damaged in any way, or if it has been used already
  • Use a twisting and pushing motion when you’re connecting RELiZORB to the tube feeding tubing
  • If you need to add medication or any kind of flush to the tube feeding line, they must be added to the line AFTER RELiZORB; medicines or flush solutions may be added to the side port of a Y-connector extension set located between RELiZORB and the patient as shown below

  • Do not re-use RELiZORB. Each RELiZORB should only be used once. At the end of the feeding, throw away RELiZORB. RELiZORB may not break down fats properly if it is re-used

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Low Flow Error Alarm: If you get an alarm on the pump, see pump instructions for the cause of the alarm. If none of the actions in the pump instructions fix the Flow Error Alarm, remove the RELiZORB and replace it with a new RELiZORB
  • Leakage from Connections: If you see any signs of leakage from either connections between RELiZORB and the tubing, RELiZORB may not have been properly connected to the inlet or outlet fitting of the cartridge. Try disconnecting and re-connecting RELiZORB with a twisting and pushing motion until the connection is tight

Here's a Quick Tip

Call RELiZORB Support Services for help understanding how to use RELiZORB, or for help with health insurance questions and more. Learn more on the Support Services page.